Conference, Exhibition and Tour
"Restore Omaha offers current and potential owners of older properties
an opportunity to learn from local and regional craftsmen how to restore,
revive and preserve their structures. In addition, architects, engineers,
contractors, designers, planners, facilities managers, building owners
and preservationists can learn about the resources, skills and knowledge
necessary to preserve and maintain this area's heritage."
-    (November 5, 2005)
Restore Omaha 2006
Restore Omaha, a conference, exhibition, and tour, is planning another great event November 3-5, 2006 at the
University Of Nebraska at Omaha’s campus and other Omaha sites. Volunteers are needed to help identify topics
and speakers, to recruit exhibitors experienced in preservation and restoration work, to help organize a tour of
homes, and to help promote and market the event. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or
just have suggestions for the 2006 conference contact Kristine Gerber, conference director, at 6140056 or eventive. Mark your calendars! More information will be coming soon on Restore Omaha.
Restore Omaha 2005
Mutual of Omaha Dome
Gifford Park
sponsored a
booth at the
2005 Restore
volunteers that
helped prepare
or staff the
booth include
Cynthia Shuck,
Chris and Sallie
Foster, Dan
and Kate
Justin Brown
and Clarinda
Clarinda Karpov,
Gifford Park
entertains  booth
"Green Man."
Green Man feels
at home in Gifford
Park  because it is
a community full
of tree lined
streets and green
Thanks to Justin Brown
we now have a
wonderful new sign that
we feel captures our
hopes that our
neighborhood be a
place to grow together
as a community.
Gifford Park Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 31462, Omaha, NE 68131-0462
New Gifford Park aluminum sign:
3rd Annual Restore Omaha Conference (2008)
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